information overload!

It's hard to keep up...

There's an enormous amount of crypto content on the internet.

Especially when it comes to intricate projects like Quant Network and their Overledger technology.Government reports, central bank papers, on-chain analysis...YouTube, Telegram, Reddit, 𝕏...The list goes on and on.

Spending a single day offline feels like you've missed an entire week's worth of action.

Have any new partnerships been uncovered? Are there major reports or regulations to be aware of? What are the whale wallets doing? Which important events are coming up?

And it's not just the "I'm falling behind" feeling that sucks...

Navigating the crypto space alone JUST ISN'T THAT FUN.

It's much more enjoyable to share your excitement with other holders when your portfolio runs up...And when price lags, you want to have a group of people you can lean on for support.People who understand you, and are there to remind you of the reasons you invested in the first place.It's kinda funny...Volatility in the market always shines light on a timeless truth...

This crypto journey is better TOGETHER. 👊

Do any of these describe you?

You aren't interested in reading long government documents.
You don't have time to scan thousands of posts on Twitter and Telegram every day.
You sometimes feel like you're playing catch-up with the technology.
You don't know how to track whale wallets on the blockchain.
You feel pressure to constantly be monitoring your investments.
You occasionally get impatient and even consider selling.
You'd like to have access to Web3 experts, influencers and OGs.
You're excited about building an inner circle inside the crypto community.

If so, keep reading...

lead researcher

Greg Lunt

Hey, I'm Greg.

I'm a Web3 writer, researcher & content creator.

I help people make money in crypto by bringing hidden research to light and making blockchain technology easy to understand.My crypto journey began in 2017 (bought my first Bitcoin at $3,000) and I previously worked as the Senior Content Writer for Uphold ($2B in AUM).Today, I spend most of my time reading government reports, central bank papers and research-based Telegram groups to stay on the cutting-edge of this digital and financial revolution.Armed with this information, I create trusted content for retail investors to help them make better decisions with little to zero stress.The Overlegends Community was built on the back of relentless research and a desire to bring together crypto enthusiasts who are committed to the fundamentals.You can find more of my work on 𝕏 @GregLuntX.

“Greg is one of the greatest researchers I've ever worked with.

His level of detail and accuracy is always two steps ahead of everyone in the industry.”


Kyren Cater,
No BS Crypto

80K YouTube, 16K 𝕏

“Greg's way of thoroughly explaining his findings has been a huge inspiration to the research I produce today.

He's truly setting the standard in the space.”


Web3 Researcher

42K 𝕏, 6K YouTube

“Greg has an unmatched ability to connect hidden dots in the crypto market and couple it with exceptional storytelling.

I'm not surprised at all with how fast his community is growing.”


Crypto Creator

153K Instagram, 93K 𝕏



If you're feeling lost in a maze of online crypto content, you're not alone.

Investors need reliable resources making important information easy to understand, all while curating a positive and supportive group experience.That's why I built Overlegends, the most user-friendly, alpha-rich QNT community on the internet.Join today and get access to the following:

Weekly QNT Deep Dives
Breakdowns of government reports, central bank papers, partnerships, press releases and more. In these videos, I expand on the research I share on 𝕏 with additional context and analysis. Audio versions of these videos are also made available.
Weekly Email Newsletter
Once a week, I'll send you an email with an overview of all Quant ecosystem updates. It's a one-stop shop for keeping yourself in the loop. This email will eventually expand into broader coverage of all utility tokens.
Bimonthly Live Q&As w/ Greg
Every other week, I'll host AMAs around digital assets, portfolio construction, brand-building, online business and any other personal information you want to know. I'll also highlight content from around the community including technical overviews, on-chain activity, hot takes and more. These Q&As are recorded for anyone who can't attend them live.
Bimonthly Expert Masterclasses
Alternating each week with the Live Q&As, we'll have the brightest minds in crypto stop by the community to give us live presentations. They'll share information about undervalued tokens, trading strategies, technical analysis and overall market psychology. You'll also be able to chat with these experts during exclusive Q&As following their presentations. All conversations are recorded for anyone who can't attend them live.
Access to Private Telegram Group
Jump into our exclusive, 24/7 chat with positive, respectful investors sharing ideas and information around QNT and the crypto market at large. I'll be in there engaging and answering questions every day as well.
Access to Private Telegram Channel
This second channel is a one-way communication feed where you'll have access to the video, audio and live recordings detailed above. Think of it as your personal, searchable, downloadable content archive.
BONUS: Instant Download — “Ultimate QNT Explainer”
This 90-minute video presentation is the most value-packed breakdown I've ever created around Quant Network and Overledger, analyzing the project from top to bottom. Whether you've been in the project for 5 days or 5 years, you'll learn something new about QNT from this video. Great to share with friends and family as well.
BONUS: Instant Download — “Intro to SATP”
I created a PDF breaking down the Secure Asset Transfer Protocol (SATP), an important standard being published through the IETF, courtesy of Quant Network, MIT and others. It's yours for free when you join the community.

No more bouncing around from platform-to-platform, trying to figure out who's telling the truth and who's blowing smoke.The Overlegends Community helps you navigate the complexities of QNT and Web3 with confidence, clarity and conviction.


Tokenicer is a leader in enterprise-grade blockchain research.

In addition to his exploding personal brand, Token runs business development for ChainStatsPro, is the lead writer for TheWeb3Alert and ghostwrites for other large crypto influencers.His Overlegends masterclass will give you a more detailed look into the utility token market and the future of DLTs.

Nagato is a crypto market visionary and full-time trader / creator.

With a social media audience of over 240K, Nagato shares his strategies around investing, picking altcoin winners and keeping a level head in volatile markets.His Overlegends masterclass dives deep into investor psychology and how you can take advantage of market cycles to generate the most profit.

Kyren Cater

Kyren is the man behind No BS Crypto, one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency channels on YouTube.

His content focuses on important news, top performing altcoins, and strategies to achieve financial freedom.His Overlegends masterclass will teach you how to understand "Pumpamentals" — the exact approach he's used to identify multiple breakout altcoins.

Zero Ika is a crypto analyst with 7 years of experience navigating the markets.

He maintains a rational approach, focusing on error-free trading and injecting personal experiences into his educational content.His Overlegends masterclass will explore strategies for accurately assessing price levels and compounding your gains on your favorite cryptocurrencies.

and more...


Let's win ... together

The bull market is here...

And things are about to get crazy.

If this is your first cycle, it's critical you surround yourself with crypto market veterans and reliable sources of information.And for those who've been here before, you understand success requires a lot more than just luck...You need strategy, discipline and strong emotional management.With a team of seasoned experts and a commitment to diligent research, The Overlegends Community offers you the knowledge, wisdom and support you need to move through this explosive market with confidence.Don't let the excitement of a bull market blindside you.Arm yourself with the expertise and information you need to make sound decisions and thrive in the months and years ahead.

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Weekly Deep Dive Video
Weekly Email Newsletter
Bimonthly Live Q&As w/ Greg
Bimonthly Expert Masterclasses
Private Telegram Access
Complete Content Archive
BONUS Download: “Ultimate QNT Explainer” Video
BONUS Download: “Intro to SATP” PDF

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make sure you're comfortable

What payment methods can I use?
Credit card, Debit card, Ethereum and USDC are all accepted forms of payment. Google Pay and Apple Pay will be added soon as well.

What happens after I pay?
You’ll immediately be sent two emails.
The first is a receipt for your purchase. The second is a 'Welcome' email with a link to two Overlegend Telegram channels. One is our main chat where we all hang out and discuss the latest news, rumors and price action. The other is a broadcast-only channel where you'll see all of the weekly videos, masterclass recordings and other exclusive content.

What crypto projects will you be covering?
Most of the content each week will be focused on Quant Network (QNT). However, we'll also have experts joining us on a regular basis to talk about other altcoin ecosystems in great detail.

Is it OK if I'm a complete beginner?Of course! We work extremely hard to make sure our content is as accessible to beginners as it is valuable to veterans. It's something we take a lot of pride in. Scroll through my 𝕏 page and see if it resonates.

How much time do I need to dedicate to the community?It all depends how much you want to learn and the types of relationships you want to build. Besides chatting in the Telegram, you'll be able to stay up-to-date with all news and analysis in just 1-2 hours per week. But the truth is, the more time you invest inside the community the more value you'll receive.

Where is the Overlegends Community hosted?Everything lives inside two Telegram channels.One is a group chat where we share news, articles and ideas. The other serves as a content archive with all the videos, masterclass recordings and exclusive content you receive each week.

What if I can’t attend the live calls?No problem. All the recordings of our Q&As + Masterclasses are uploaded to the broadcast-only Telegram channel and available for you to stream or download 24/7.

Do you offer refunds?Unfortunately, refunds are not part of our policy. If you’re not happy with the community, simply cancel your membership at any time and you'll automatically be removed with no further charges.

Does Overlegends include 1-on-1 time with Greg?Personal consultations are available as an add-on. We use these calls to work on bespoke strategies for your portfolio and/or your brand. If you're interested, DM me on 𝕏 or Telegram for pricing.

DISCLAIMER: Not Financial AdviceThe information provided in this product is for educational and informational purposes only. It is not intended to be financial advice, nor should it be construed or relied upon as such. Cryptocurrency investments carry risks, and individuals should conduct their own research or consult with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.By accessing and using this product, you agree to release the product, its owners, administrators, and affiliates from any liability related to your use of the information provided herein. Always do your own research and seek professional advice when necessary.